Vector Laser Cutting.
DIE Cutting
Laser Cutting
Laser cutting is a precise and consistent way to eliminate errors in production. EnviroServe offers both fibre and CO2 laser cutting and engraving. Our lasers are CNC (Computer Numerical Control) based lasers that can be used on many materials including wood, Acrylic, Glass, and various Plastics. CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser excels at cutting and engraving plastic and wood material.
Our custom laser cutting service offers a cost-effective, and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs. Our production ranges from low-volume prototypes to high-volume runs.

Laser power: 30 Watts, 60 Watts, 180 Watts
DIE Cutting
EnviroServe excels in thinking outside the box, and has been very successful in using the laser cutting process in the automotive sector for high volume gasket production.