SoPure Blu-Ray Wireless Disinfectant Atomizer

Sanitizing your surroundings has never been so easy! Disinfect and sterilize any space to rival professional cleaners. Easy to use. 

Fill with disinfectant solution, and easily clean common high-traffic areas including seats, groceries, cars, and countless business or home settings. Uses 800 ml sanitizer or disinfectant liquid

Rechargeable, Blue-Ray Wireless Disinfectant Atomizer

Dispenser Specifications

· Material: ABS/plastic,

· Dimension: 27*26*9cm

· Capacity: 500-800ml

· Type: Atomizer/Sprayers/Fogger

· Colour: white

· Power: Rechargeable

lwh: 90x300x267 mm

Weight: 960 g

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